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Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is the most efficient water and nutrient delivery system for growing crops. It delivers water and nutrients directly to the plant’s root zone, in the right amounts, at the right time, so each plant gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it, to grow optimally. It enables farmers to produce higher yields while saving on water as well as fertilizers, energy.

How does it work?

Water and nutrients are delivered across the field in pipes called ‘dripelines’ featuring small units known as ‘drippers’. Each dripper emits drops containing water and fertilizer, resulting in the uniform application of water and nutrients direct to each plant’s root zone, across an entire field.

Raíces Irrigation Solutions offers premium installation of drip irrigation systems by brands like DIG, Hunter, NETAFIM and Rain bird. After recommending a suitable model, we make sure to position it correctly. As a result, it provides just the right amount of water whenever necessary to reduce usage, thus lowering monthly expenses. Furthermore, the solutions installed by our experts eliminate the need for hand-watering. They enable our customers to enjoy a lush lawn without the work and time associated with traditional irrigation methods

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