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Sprinkler System Design and Installation

Raíces Irrigation Solutions is the go-to company for installing sprinkler systems throughout La isla del Encanto.

Our experts have the equipment and experience to install these intricate systems, helping the property owner reap tremendous benefits.

Primarily, the products installed by our professionals can reduce water bills. Most have built-in controllers that shut down the water supply after detecting rain to increase water conservation. Furthermore, we can install various sprinklers like Hunter MP Rotators, Rain bird R-Vans and others that not only save water but offer better coverage to promote a healthier and greener lawn.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution in sprinkler systems. Homeowners need systems that complement their yards and irrigation needs perfectly. That’s where our sprinkler system design services come in. With years of experience, we can develop a personalized sprinkler plan to maximize the system’s efficiency. Once our customers contact us, we determine the water pressure, measure the service line diameter, and calculate the water flow. These details enable us to design a fully functional sprinkler system.

We Know Irrigation 20 Years Experience, 20 Years of Satisfied Customers

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